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DHM 360° Owned

& Paid Media



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EMJAY wanted to become a relevant player in the California delivery market. We activated a DHM 360 digital marketing strategy to drive overall awareness, revenue, and visibility.

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Our Solutions

We created fresh, original and shareable memes and posted on accounts such as @menshumor (4M) , @insta.single (6.3M), @grapejuiceboys (3.6M), @boyswhocancook (990K) and @thefunnyintrovert (2.7M). We introduced the brand and followed up the next week with the “Spokesfist” Campaign to great effect.

DHM 360° Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital Display

We made a crazy amount of AD creative (51 pieces to be exact)

Organic Social

Our strategies are weirdly effective. Our content is scroll-stopping & share-worthy. Our partnerships are niche, but reach the masses. And our process is as smooth as a homemade dumpling.